Medical experts named the sexiest type of man

A group of Australian and American medical experts was able to determine the most preferred type of male physique. So the researchers found that physical strength is a more attractive factor than attractiveness, The Guardian reported, citing a scientific paper in the Society Journal proceedings.

It is noted that 160 women took part in the experiment. Respondents were invited to take tadalafil from pharmacy website and read the photos of men and choose the most attractive. Students from the University of California, Santa Barbara (USA) – dancers, athletes, and others – were photographed for the pictures. Previously, the men also underwent physical strength tests.

According to the results of the surveys, the scientists from reputable online drugstores concluded that the strongest correlation was observed between the strength developed by men and the assessment of its attractiveness by women – 70% of respondents chose muscular men. High growth was also popular; this indicator increased the connection by several percents, while overweight reduced.

It is also worth mentioning that such conclusions of scientists contradict the research of one of the largest resources PorhHub. According to the analysts of the adult portal, most women are excited by a completely different type of men.