John Martyn 1948 – 2009

John Martyn playing at Les Cousins in 1968

John Martyn playing at Les Cousins in 1968

John Martyn is pretty close to my favourite singer/songwriter. Only sixty, but I suppose he did party a lot. RIP.

John and Beverley Martyn – Primrose Hill

John Martyn – Glistening Glyndebourne

John Martyn in 1969

John Martyn in 1969


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  1. Timmy says:

    I have some LP’s by Mr. Martyn; “Solid Air” 1973, “The Road To Ruin” 1970 (W/ Beverley), “So Far So Good” 1977, and an interesting Columbia Records test pressing aimed at promoting a live concert. He is great. A lone coyote, howling for his pack

  2. Nicola says:

    What a way with words he had – and that voice….Thanks for posting the video of one of his best.

  3. Jim in Winston-Salem says:

    Thanks for those wonderful photos. I first heard John with Beverley on “Stormbringer” when Warner Bros. sent me a review copy around 1970 and followed his amazing career to the very end. He opened a concert (for John Sebastian – ugh) in Winston-Salem at Wake Forest University around 1976 or so and I was lucky enough to have shared some time with him, a bottle of Southern Comfort and some very powerful weed he’d brought up from Jamaica. I’ll never forget what I can remember of that evening! I am so sorry he’s gone.

  4. Jonathan says:

    There was a resonatingly sincere letter from Kieth Warmington in one of the better music mags, Word or something similar which spoke very faithfully and clearly about John Martyn, I can’t honestly say I was a fan at the time of these pictures but shortly thereafter I heard Solid Air and saw him perform,such an extraordinarily ethereal experience.the pictures reflect that otherness that Martyn possessed.

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