The Gateways Club Update

The Gateways Club in Chelsea approximately 1953

The owner of the Gateways Club Ted Ware sticking out like the proverbial thumb

Gina Ware around the time of her marriage to Ted Ware in 1953

Dancing at the Gateways

I found these wonderful pictures today, all of which feature the famous lesbian Gateways Club in Chelsea.

The updated and fascinating story of The Gateways Club can be found on an earlier post of mine about the club and the film The Killing Of Sister George here

Eartha Kitt – C’est Si Bon


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10 Responses to “The Gateways Club Update”

  1. anne says:

    well, didn’t you score some gems! even a bit of barefoot dancing – fabbo

  2. marty g says:

    Whats a great site. keep up the great work and more regularly. Its been two months. Life is too short. Wonderful stuff.

  3. marty g says:

    What a great site. keep up the great work and more regularly. Its been two months. Life is too short. Wonderful stuff.

  4. Big Al says:

    I love this site and it would be great to see some new stuff – nothing new since July! How about something on the football clubs of London? Must be some great stories there. Herbert Chapman’s transformation of Arsenal; Sugar and Spurs; Charlton’s return to the Valley; Millwall’s hooligan problems; etc, etc

  5. nickelinthemachine says:

    Love the idea about writing about Herbert Chapman – should be an interesting bit of writing as I’m a life-long Spurs supporter! Great idea though. I’ve been producing a new Wallace and Gromit TV show for the last year and they are hard task masters and I haven’t had much time lately. After November 3rd I aim to start writing loads – really looking forward to it.

  6. badartdog says:

    i love this blog – is there more on it’s way?

  7. kick2 says:

    these old pictures look fabulous almost as if they are very carefully recreated for some forthcoming Sarah Waters production. I know that a lot of people regard George [and the men's equivalent Boys in the Band] really hateful but they were part of our past and remembering the past is a way of thinking about the future

  8. trish645 says:

    I was a member of the club in the days of 1974. I was a very young 19 and probably one of the youngest at that time to show up so late! I remember Gina and Smithy well. They knew my g/f better as she had been going there for years. I was always a little different of dress and used to get strange looks as though belonged in the fag-hag clubs like Chaguaramus & Roxy. I thought this was a gay site?

  9. Val muir says:

    I was a member way back in the 60s also an extra in Killing of sister George along with other members of the club. Brings back fond memories.

  10. Hi,
    I would like to use one of these pictures in our temporary exhibition about LGBT history. Would it be possible to get hold of a copy?

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