Errol Flynn and Beverly Aadland at the Lido Club in Swallow Street

Errol Flynn and Beverly Aadland, 5th May 1959

Errol Flynn and Beverly Aadland, 5th May 1959

Errol Flynn was purportedly to have once said: ‘I like my whisky old, and my women young’. The above photo, whilst not saying anything about his choice of whisky although there is an impressive array of glasses in front of him, certainly says something about his taste in women, or should I say girls.

The picture of Flynn, taken in May 1959, was taken a month or so before his fiftieth birthday. He’s accompanied in the photograph by his girlfriend, Beverly Aadland, who was a few months from her 17th birthday that September. According to Beverley’s mother, who wrote about Flynn and Aadland’s romance in a book called ‘The Big Love’, by the the time of this meal they had already been together for a year. They are at The Lido Club which was situated in Swallow Street - a little lane that runs between Piccadilly and Regent Street.

"For the last time, he's not my father...".

“For the last time, he’s not my father…”.

Flynn, who was born in Tasmania, went to school from the age of fourteen to fifteen in Barnes in South West London. It was a very minor public school, that has long since disappeared, called The South West London College. It was situated at numbers 99-101 Castelnau which is a road of regency villas that lead up to the Southern side of Hammersmith Bridge.

Errol Flynn at the South West London College circa 1923

Errol Flynn at the South West London College circa 1923

101 C today

99-101 Castelnau today

After a particularly unhappy time in London (imagine what it was like after living in Tasmania all his life) he left the school in 1925 and sailed back to Australia and a subsequent meteoric rise to fame and film stardom in the US. Incidentally Errol Flynn’s father, Theodore Flynn and noted zoologist, travelled the other way, from Tasmania to the UK, and became Professor of Marine Biology at Queen’s University in Belfast from 1930 until 1948.

I once read that Flynn wanted to call his autobiography ‘In Like Me’. Which would have been brilliant, unfortunately the publisher insisted on ‘My Wicked Wicked Ways’.

Errol Flynn is here on a Canadian programme called Front Page Challenge where the guests have to guess who he is. It was recorded in January 1959, a few months before his death. Incidentally one of the guests is the journalist Scott Young, Neil Young’s father.

I can’t find anything written about The Lido Club in Swallow Street. I wondered if anyone out there has heard of it, or has any information about the place?

Joe Turner – Sweet Sixteen


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63 Responses to “Errol Flynn and Beverly Aadland at the Lido Club in Swallow Street”

  1. VJESCI says:

    .flynn was no chaplin.

  2. AMD says:

    Indeed, he was no Chaplin. Flynn was a Nazi sympathiser and a rapist. Awful, awful man. And fascinating photos. Beverley Aadland looks much older than her age.

  3. nickelinthemachine says:

    Ha, I think the amount you can get away with is directly proportional to how great an artist you are. Undoubtedly Chaplin, at some times in his life, would have looked at Beverly Aardland as practically an OAP with a bus pass, but he was the greater artist by a long way. So that’s alright then. I think.

    Time for a Chaplin post one of these days.

  4. Matt says:

    Surely the Lido stood on what is now the Cuckoo Club? Street’s not long enough to have more than one nightclub.

  5. Pete says:

    Flynn a Rapist! Phooey! Women fell all over him. And Nazi sympathizer? I don’t think so AMD. Character assasination can destroy anyones reputation and the malicious gossip that you picked up in Highams book was a load of crap. He was out to make money out of a dead Super Star, some one who was unable to defend himself. It’s easy enough to do if you have few morals. And comparing Flynn to Chaplin is a farce. Can you imagine Flynn dressed as the little Tramp and Chaplin dressed as Robin Hood. They were worlds apart and should’nt be compared. Pete

  6. Bill says:

    Flynn loved young girls. Two underage girls accused Flynn of stautory rape. An all-woman jury declated him not guilty. The Nazi (and gay) stories have been in more recent books, but there isn’t much evidence.

  7. jennifer says:

    i’m 35 and no actor alive today does to me what errol does. who has that depth and intelligence and true adventurous spirit, who survived alone from age 10 and could navigate a sailboat by the celestial sky alone. i can never get over my obsession with him, tho i love him more in his later years when his youthful looks had faded and no longer distracted from his true talent for acting. i would’ve fallin in love with him at the age of 15 too, beverly was a lucky lucky girl to have had that experience. and in turn she helped him greatly. she brought him out of a depression and enabled him to love life again, for his last two years. there’s always been those who paint her as a gold digger, of course, but one who studies the facts knows better. her mother may have been a bit of one, but not beverly. she now lives in a very modest house in LA County with her contractor husband and twenty-something daughter. she still cherishes his gold cigarette case, trench coat, stopwatch and love letters, as well as jewelry and other items. if she was only with him for money, she would’ve sold those. for me it’s one of the greatest love stories of all time. thank you so much for these photos, they are treasures.

  8. Clovis says:

    I read a book written by a physician from Vancouver, B.C. while I was working for the Liard First Nation at Watson, Lake, Canada. Interestingly, the doctor wrote about the state of Flynn’s physical condition. From an post mortem perspective…Check it out. Won’t say more.

  9. Pookie says:

    Flynn was no Nazi sympathizer and no rapist. Honestly, do you believe that Higham garbage? Shame on you!

    But she looks WAY older than what she claims. You should see her now, she hasn’t aged well at ALL.

  10. Jared (with Pookie) says:

    Oh, please Jennifer, Beverley Aadland and her whole family were greedy and low-class.

    Great love? I don’t think so…..she was years older than she claimed and quite frankly, took advantage of a sick man.
    No, not one of the greatest loves, honey. And please, learn how to write a coherent sentence.

  11. SherrieGG says:

    Beverly died two days ago (1/6/2010) in Palmdale, CA of complications related to diabetes. She was 66 years old and she was indeed fifteen when she met Errol.

    Beverly and my mother are half-sisters (same mother, different fathers). My grandmother was an absolute loon (fortunately my grandfather got custody of my mother at the time of the divorce).

    Bev was a lot of things. Golddigger was not one of them.

    Funeral arrangements are pending. The memorial service will be conducted by the Reverent Joy Eilers at the Eilers family ranch in the San Fernando Valley. Joy’s parents fostered Bev after my grandmother was jailed for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Errol died before Bev’s eighteenth birthday.

  12. Jim says:

    I hope that Beverly is happy now. Perhaps Errol and her at reunited someplace. I have read most of all the Flynn’s books. And one thing for sue, he was NO Nazi or Gay or anything else. He never had to “rape” anyone, women were falling all over themselves trying to be with him. Just like Elvis and others.. He became an American Citizen and very happy about that. Beverly was a young girl, this is true, and for sure, Flynn would not have gotten away with that relationship now. He would be in jail for all sorts of things.
    He was a very fine actor, who was limited to what the studios wanted him to do for money. But, still, a great actor who should be approved for an Academy Awared…

  13. Heather says:

    OMG. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Errol was a God among mortal actors. Suave and sexy. Rape? My @$$. Women wanted him… he didn’t have to force any woman. NAZI??? Are you kidding me? He was proud to become a US citizen. If you really think he was gay… that must have been some big closet to fit all the women he wanted to, did and could have had. Do some research folks… not blogs and sites… but honest research.. You will find this albeit party hardy and not always the pillar of moral society man to be fun, exciting and damn gorgeous. Thank you Errol for all the joy you have brought my movie collection and fantasies.

  14. kevin says:

    hell,i’d have LOVED to have been errol flynn!
    gay? nazi sympathiser? rapist? mmmm…sounds like a load of sour grapes from women who never got their fantasy of sleeping with him (if there WAS any sleeping) and from guys totally jealous of a great actor and a handsome guy who could (and did) have the pick of any chick in any room.
    jennifer is so right in all she says.
    as for beverly being underage,well i just bet she was eighteen by the time she was 12 years old.

  15. Lisa says:

    Hmmm, some folks are clearly buying into the myth, and misinformation.
    Beverly was 17 in this pic if it was taken in May 1959; she was born 9/16/42. Underage? Yes, but not 15 (although there are allegations that her sexual relationship with Errol Flynn began when she was only 15).
    While Errol Flynn may have been anti-Semitic (there are documented anti-Semitic comments from him) it is arguable that he was a product of his times; anti-Semitism was rife throughout the world at that time, and anti-Semitic comments were commonplace. There is no evidence that he was a Nazi sympathizer; that seems to have stemmed from the fact that he did not serve in the military during WWII. However, he tried to enlist in every branch of service and was rejected for health reasons. (TB, Malaria, cardiac problems). It is unlikely he would have tried so hard to join the war effort if he was rooting for the other side.
    Bottom line is that Errol Flynn, like everyone else, was human, with flaws and weaknesses as well as strengths and talents. In his case, in my opinion, he was a brilliant, talented man whom I would have been glad to know. His flaws, for the most part, hurt him more than anyone else.

  16. Robin says:

    I have been an authority on Errol Flynn for many years, and this talk about him being; Rapist – Gay – Nazi – etc. amazes me how people still talk about it first in any mention of Errol Flynn after so many years it has been disproved. Not only has it been disproved by the ones who loved and knew him personally, but also those such as myself, who have done extensive research and studied this wonderful actor.
    What we should be talking about and bringing to the forefront are things that mater now; Why does the Academy Awards Comity after many request continue to refuse to give Errol Flynn a special academy, of which millions feel he deserves.
    These are the things people should be writing about and demanding, not the same old mess about him being a rapist, etc.. For if we look back at many of Actors and Actress from that same era, they would find many to have done many of the same things Flynn was accused of, Yet they are still regarded as good actors..
    It should be said that most of whom in the biz that tried to hurt Flynn’s reputation, because of either; jealousy or lack of control from the studio systems, are mostly all gone now. Those that did not like Flynn, or the reality was that it was because they Envied him, for being who he was, as the same in life itself.
    This was second nature for him; The adventurer a mans-man ( Swashbuckler ) – The great lover ( Don Juan ) – The debonair brawler ( Gentlemen Jim ). Flynn was really all those same Colorful characters, he was just playing himself… And there really was no other star in Hollywood that could be all those as he was, as mentioned, in real life as he was..
    Errol as we all know was no angel, but He himself admitted to that many times. Whenever encountering actors, and/or others who have worked, partied, etc. w/Flynn, would say that Flynn often said that since he was to live it once, he was going to live it to its fullest, and that’s the way it was, as he wanted, and he did.! Do we all not have that right? As long as we stay within certain boundaries of course, we should…
    In concerning Beverly (Aadland) I personally feel that in many times, age is not always relevant. I have known many younger females whom look and act a lot older than that of others who are older, and with that said, they should be treated as such; as I’m sure there are some woman who would say the same for some younger males. We just have to be honest about it and stop trying to hide behind this facade of certain rules/laws we have built that should not applicable to everyone.. It is as if one pair of pants fits all, as we all know this cant be, so I believe anyone with any mature mind would understand what I’m implying here…
    Look if we loved this man for the joy he continues to give us through his movies, and his life, then lets it go as that, and keep enjoying them, stop bringing him to trial and continue to prosecute him on the same things he has already been acquitted for. We do lived in a country that once you have been tried and found not guilty for those crimes, you could not be tried again for the same?
    You want to write something negative, write about how the Academy Awards Committee has not given Errol Flynn his deserved place on the mantle. Or better yet, make a positive one and write to them (AAC) personally and let them know how you feel about it. That should rattle a few sprits up from the grave..

  17. Kathlene says:

    Pete, Jennifer, Pookie, Jared, Jim, Heather, Kevin, Robin, and whoever else doesn’t think he was a rapist… you should all be ashamed of yourselves. The sad part is that you’re probably not dumbass teenagers, you’re immature adults. The fact that almost all of you implied that womanizers “don’t need” to rape… are you fucking kidding me? That has to be the stupidest most naïve thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life. Read it in Beverly’s own words;,,20100218,00.html. What she describes is rape, plain and simple, end of story. No if’s and’s or but’s. He raped her, I don’t doubt that he raped many women before her, and that he was guilty of the statutory rape charges.

  18. Deanna says:

    In his own words he absolutely was a rapist and a lot of other despicable things. He was a slave driver, quite literally. He helped to colonise indigenous peoples in New Guinea. He raped very young girls in New Guinea and rationalised it by saying that in New Guinea there is no such thing as age. That he was all those things is the only reason men keep his memory alive. If he was not all those things he’d be long forgotten and probably never would have become as famous in the first place.
    Men admire assholes like him. That’s why he’s a legend.

  19. susan j. sager says:

    Beverly Aadland’s husband, Fisher, said that his wife was in love with Errol Flynn – always and forever in love with the man.

    I can only guess at how devistated Beverly must have been when he died.

    And, no, I don’t approve of a 15 year old and a man in his 50′s in a sexual relationship. Can’t guess why he did not marry the girl – I am sure her parents would have given written approval.

    And here we are in 2010 “talking” about this!!!!!

  20. diane says:

    ahhhh.. 2011 and counting a real rouge why are some of you have such haterd for the chap??women hateing men?? ah to be seduce by flynn would be a orgasim that would be a ever well… a never ending orgasim!!! bull and shame on you that jugdes this man I swear…. nazi?not! american and proud! a real life turn coat to boot is lynnedberg thats right charles! pick on the correct persons …. p.s. I wacth a “ghost story”on t.v. with ricky nelsons daughter condeming errol who had built a house that her dad bought saying he was a nazi bla bla bla …she still perpetuating it! such sour people! someday I wish to shake his hand and tell him thank-you for being a charming man.and one that enjoyed life and lived it! r.i.p. errol, real americans love you!!!!!!

  21. Heida says:

    Maybe that says all that has to be said about americans then Diane?! Not a very good testimony in my oppinion….but then again, I´m not an american, wich might explain my belive that the man was an total sociopath!

  22. Rich Pumpaloaf says:

    HaHa, Flynn a gay Nazi rapist…LOL….He is was every boy wants to be and every man wishes he was…The greatest, I wish he was around today

  23. Bucky says:

    Deanna, can you provide evidence that he raped young girls in New Guinea? I doubt it. He most certainly did, but rape them? No.

  24. B d says:


    I am a producer with the feature film The Road To Freedom, which chronicles the last tragic days of Sean Flynn, the adventurer son of Screen Gem, Errol Flynn. We will be released in theaters next month. In the meantime we are on Netflix for all those who can’t see our limited theatrical release.. We need all the support we can to make this great film have the impact we had intended. If you can spread the word about The Road To Freedom we as filmmakers will be grateful. Have a wonderful weekend.

  25. aadlanda says:

    For those who choose to make remarks reguarding my mother ..HOW very sad that you have no clue on what you are writing about …from what you have read ? really do you know from first hand ? she is my mother and your comments are rude and false. Also to jared …greedy and low class …? come see for your self ! haha best wishes to those with no life – Aadlanda did I FORGET TO MENTION YOU’RE A JOKE ?

  26. James says:

    I was born one month after Errol died.

    I could play him should there ever be a film about his life…

  27. Sar says:

    I’ve read a bit about Flynn (and about his house) recently. He strikes me as a man who ended up having a rather sad life. His end was particularly so. Something about the cheekiness and strength that Beverley Adland had, suggests to me that she might have been the one love that endured if he’d lived. She seems to have had a sort of engagement with him that was different to the other disastrous unions he’d had before. They obviously got along very well despite their age difference, and she seems to have been very protective of him – which I’m sure began when they were together. The thing is that while Adland looks older than her years – so does Flynn – shockingly. He was a relatively young age when he died, worn out by self-indulgence and bad choices.

  28. Sar says:

    Should have added that I don’t believe that Nazi stuff either. It’s known that he tried repeatedly to join the army in WWII but wasn’t able to because of his faltering health. As for his rape scandal, apparently it was the result of some rivalry between and outgoing and incoming D.A. – if I understood correctly – and the incoming one didn’t want Warner Bros to get away with not playing ball the way it was usually played by the Studios over naughty stars – so they set out to make an example of one of the biggest stars with a wild private life – and Flynn was the one picked. It’s clear from the photographs taken of him, that he was wounded by it. I’m inclined to believe what he told Beverley Adland about it – that he had not been involved with one of the girls and that he was unaware of the age of the other one with whom he did have a fling. I saw the Ricky Nelson haunted house saga with his daughter Tracy – but I wanted to read about the house for myself and whatever she believed about bad forces there, I doubt if the malign influence was Flynn’s. He had a bad side to his character, but he also had good sides to him too. There must have been plenty of other iffy characters in and out of that house – if she felt bad vibes there it could have come from anyone who lived or spent time there; not necessarily Flynn.

  29. Tammy Mc says:

    I would love to know if there is a home in Jamaica that he once occupied. Seems I have read conflicting things on this. And am curious to know why the house on Mulholland was torn down. From what I have read,this rascal was one of a kind! I’m sure he swept Beverly off her feet (prob did every woman he came across) but it is kinda sick to think of the age difference. Nonetheless, a fascinating story.

  30. No fan of tramps says:

    Beverly Aadland was trash personified. Imagining herself much better than she actually was, and spent her entire life, it seems, in a drunken, deluded stupor. She became such a cheap joke.

    Nothing more pathetic than an aged gold-digger imagining herself to be Errol’s true love. She only got him when he was a very sad, sick man. Also, was YEARS older than she claimed.

  31. No fan of tramps says:

    “I’ve read a bit about Flynn (and about his house) recently. He strikes me as a man who ended up having a rather sad life. His end was particularly so. Something about the cheekiness and strength that Beverley Adland had, suggests to me that she might have been the one love that endured if he’d lived. She seems to have had a sort of engagement with him that was different to the other disastrous unions he’d had before. ”

    Oh,PLEASE, not even CLOSE.

  32. Whatever says:

    “For those who choose to make remarks reguarding my mother ..HOW very sad that you have no clue on what you are writing about …from what you have read ? really do you know from first hand ? she is my mother and your comments are rude and false. Also to jared …greedy and low class …? come see for your self ! haha best wishes to those with no life – Aadlanda did I FORGET TO MENTION YOU’RE A JOKE ?”

    Well, Aadlanda, your mother was known for showing up drunk mostly everywhere and going on and on about Errol and how she was his “true love”. Mostly everyone got a good laugh out of that.

    She was tacky, trashy, and had no class. Read up on how she and your beloved gold-digging grandmother wanted to get Errol’s estate. No class, indeed.

  33. For Sherrie says:

    Beverly died two days ago (1/6/2010) in Palmdale, CA of complications related to diabetes. She was 66 years old and she was indeed fifteen when she met Errol.

    Beverly and my mother are half-sisters (same mother, different fathers). My grandmother was an absolute loon (fortunately my grandfather got custody of my mother at the time of the divorce).

    Bev was a lot of things. Golddigger was not one of them.

    Funeral arrangements are pending. The memorial service will be conducted by the Reverent Joy Eilers at the Eilers family ranch in the San Fernando Valley. Joy’s parents fostered Bev after my grandmother was jailed for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Errol died before Bev’s eighteenth birthday.


    Oh, please, she looked like she was 25. Gold-digger? Yes. She seemed to have trouble telling the truth about anything. Tacky, tacky woman. A sad, pitiful drunk, actually.

  34. troo says:

    Wow… what comments! I am also one of the many “experts” who’ve read all the books, seen all the movies, I’ve quite a collection of memorabilia, and I’ve also managed to do much research on related people in Flynn’s life.

    I am very sad that ANYONE can buy into the nazi crap… read “The Spy Who Never Was” by T. Thomas if you want to learn the truth on that issue. Any book by that Higham guy should be shredded and burned (that includes his books on Bette Davis or the DeHaviland sisters… most celebs he wrote about were always disgusted by his lies); he’s a plagarist and a liar and it has been documented and proved. His books should be removed from all libraries, that’s how awful that jerk is.

    I love this pic of EF and Beverly — she was 15 when she met him, almost 17 in this photo; so mature for her age (she even says in an interview that she was 17 going on 25). And yes, her description of what happened “the first time” with Flynn was basically, yes, rape. But if you read Nora Eddington’s book, he pulled the same thing with her, too. He stayed with the women (not counting the evil Damita who had been Maurice Chevalier’s consort as a teenager) who he de-virginized… Nora, Beverly, that girl in New Guinea that he “bought” from his BossMan… so what? I’m quite a feminist, so I’m offended often by what was Flynn’s lifestyle; however, I forgive the chap, as he was a product of his era — at least as it regarded women.

    The best books on Flynn are his own (Wicked) plus Earl Conrad’s “Memoirs” of their time in Jamaica writing that book, plus Nora Eddington Flynn Black’s book, “Errol and Me”, and finally, the best-researched book of all, “Inherited Risk” by Jeffrey Meyers. This last with info on son, Sean, but the Flynn research is meticulous, if somewhat unsympathetic. His daughter, Rory’s book, “The Baron of Mulholland” is also important.

    He will be remembered in the far future, too, since his picture is on the cover of the Life Magazine that got buried in the Time Capsule during the 1939 World’s Fair.

    Sadly, Beverly did pass away too soon; I never had the chance to write HER story… for I was preparing to do it, to write her book. She was waiting for someone to write a book about her. AADLANDA: if you ever see this page again, PLEASE publish those love letters that your mother saved. Meyers was able to quote from a few… and they gave insight into the heart of a man otherwise often closed. Flynn had said, shortly before his death, that he thought he might be in love for the first time in his life (with Beverly). Those few letters published in his book reveals this. Also, if you look at the final pictures of them together… holding hands as they sun themselves at a pool… it is obvious that he felt quite an affection for her.

    And although he wasn’t altogether honest with her (i.e., saying that he’d reverse his vasectomy — nope; there was no way he was going to have any more children, he had made that clear; but throughout her life, she often said that having a child together was their “next” project), Beverly was a young girl filled with dreams and fantasies of her future, and he just let her believe these things… He’d been told he had just one year to live so that’s why he had stopped first (alone) to visit Nora and daughters and Sean, enroute to Vancouver where he ended up dying (before he expected to), before he rewrote his will. He did not share that information with Beverly.

    I used to get disgusted, A LOT!, too, until I read and read and read and read and watched and watched, looked, listened. Then, finally, the real man came through. I can personally attest to the fact that he is still a ghost; the fellow had such a love of life, that he resisted the Death Angel and has hung around on the Earth Plane these last 52 years. That’s incredible courage, right there, and goes perfectly with that amazing personality of his.

  35. hewasapervertperiod says:

    PLEASE….. He was a child molester, plain and simple. If his “true love” had turned 18 before he died, he would’ve dumped her for being an old hag!!!! He was allowed to go on raping young girls his entire adult life because he was Rich and Famous. DUH Besides being a drunkard and mean spirited and who knows what else. You pathetic men and women who idolize that trash really need to get a life… or maybe a lobotamy would help. It certainly could not hurt you people.

  36. Casey Rae says:

    Flynn is a legend! He was not a rapist by any means! All the women wanted him in that time and those girls probably just wanted money. If he wanted some loving, he didn’t have to take it, there was a handful of women who give it up. And if you think he is a child molester because of aadland then realize that she was assumed to have lied about her age, which if you see pictures of her you can see why she passed for older. She looked 20 when she was supposedly 16. I think his death truly saddened her. I think that they would have continued on. They had a crazy bond… and he is trash? That’s ridiculous. He is the epitome of what an actor should be. Talent coming out of his ass! People hate him for speaking his mind. He didn’t buy into the hollywood crap. He wasn’t just “rich and famous” it’s more like did horrible odd jobs until he could travel and make a name for himself. Also, for Flynn liking younger women…most men prefer younger women but do not have the charm to get them! Bottom line is he is one of the most captivating and inspiring actors ever. People can say “he was no this or that” but he was flynn dammit and he made a name for himself, he had a fun time in life and really lived it up and was honest the whole way.

  37. Lola Montes says:

    You don’t need charm to get a drunken gold-digger like Aadland. Save the charm for the real ladies.

  38. Lola Montes says:

    No Casey, most men don’t want “younger” women. The good ones do respect those who can put a sentence together, though.

  39. James Alan Jones says:

    I grew up in Palmdale and knew Beverley when I was a teenager. She was friends with my Mother and I got to know Beverley through her. I found her a funny,smart lady and she seldom mentioned ” Flynn ” as she reffered to him.
    I read that a movie is being made of her relationship with Flynn starring Kevin Klein and Dakota Fanning. I did a bit of research and found that Beverely had passed away that is what landed me here. I don’t appreciate the harsh and negative comments on here about Beverley, especially by people that obviously didn’t know her.

  40. Helen says:

    I watched a movie of Errol Flynn and some things are so sad to hear, but he was a great actor to deny him and his family awards for his acting is wrong, you cant push someone down for their life style, because we disagree with it. Award him for the acting not his lifestyle, and pray for the rest!!!!! He or his family cant see anything tangible for his accomplishments how cruel mean and judgemental we are. If we were put on public display how would we fair examine your own life, you may not have done what he did, but you did things you didnt want anyone to know about so clean up our own lives, because we are not seen in the public dosent mean youre not seen. God is the final judge of us all, God bless

  41. RG says:

    At Flynn’s 1942 trial for double statutory rape the Judge instructed the Jury to disregard the birth certificates of the two girls. Something tells me that would not have taken place if Flynn was a garbage man. I wonder how many others were convicted of statutory rape in 1942. How many ordinary pedophiles went to jail, their lives permanently destroyed. I have nothing but contempt for famous degenerates, and nothing but contempt for the evil Hollywood system which to this day idolizes and applauds leering predators who cynically entrap exploit and discard children.

  42. Dakota Aadland says:

    My father-in-law’s half brother married Beverly Aadland’s mother. It was
    a unusual last name in 1958.Beverly did not stand a chance bring
    wooed by this rich older man! Her mother lost custody. Old men
    woo very very young girls because they young & poverty & sticken girls. Also, men never rape girls who fall at thier feet.
    They rape females who resist them
    Educated, self-assured young women detest the type of man.

  43. The real del says:

    Dear whatever , since you prefer that name , coward….give me your real name and we can discuss this “trash ” gold-digger drunk ” in which you know so well? It’s ok darling , hide behind your computer :) let me just talk to you in person . I think that would help your narrow minded self … Sorry you have to be so jealous . All you are is talk ….plain simple – she has passed . Drop your lame behavior .

  44. The real del says:

    Also – for all the true fans , thank you for your wonderful comments , my mother would be honored …one fact is obvious the age difference , in those days it wasn’t that uncommon . Here in 2013 it just seems so outrageous ! In which I agree .

  45. The real del says:

    I have the love letters – and memories of my amazing mother :) enough said m

  46. For " whatever" says:

    To whatever , you talk of my mom in such a pathetic manner. Did you actually know her ? Hmmm…. It’s words that’s all !!! my grandmother whom you call beloved , news flash I never even knew her . It’s easy to write on a computer and slander people , it takes a real man or woman to actually step up and say something in person . So hey anytime you wanna meet , it can be arranged …you remain the fool – for which you have no idea what your talking about . She is my mom , loved , wonderfully amazing..lets talk about your mom – if you have one . she is well , let’s not let me stoop to your level of ignorance ;)

  47. Beverly's loved says:

    For those who choose to comment negatively , words are just words …if you actually knew her in real life and know her true story , your thoughts would be different . It’s easy to slander a woman whom you never met. Errol was her dream come true . First true love , she was never a ” gold digger ” that is nonsense . He couldn’t take no for an answer ..her mother Florence on the other hand was horrible to Beverly in many ways she used her and lived vicariously through her. Now Florence was the gold digger if any one .mean and demeaning to say the least . Beverly and Errol had a wonderful relationship , sadly short due to his death – but even though he was having issues with his wife Patrice – Errol was in the process of divorce while with Beverly ; she made Errol feel young again and made him happy . God bless Errol Flynn & Beverly Aadland .

  48. jennifer says:

    Cold hard truth is the only comments on this page that hold any merit, that mean a goddamn thing are the ones from people who actually knew Beverly. And guess what, every one of those comments shows her in a positive light. So what does that tell you? It tells you the rest of you superficial, judgemental, nothing better to do than gossip about those you’ve never met LOSERS are full of shit. And hey “Jared” here’s a coherent sentence for you: Fuck off asswipe.

  49. jennifer says:

    And by the way , how dare you all say such things to Beverly’s own daughter, now that is LOW CLASS. You all wish you had a mother as fabulous as Beverly Aadland. Now go on & continue to wallow in the dull, dreary state of anonymity you call a life.

  50. Nicko says:

    Ohhhh Errol, I would give everything just to be like him. Cheer up old boys Errol was a champ, a real legend. Two way mirrors an all………..Awesome

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